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Prize Purse Guarantee: To ensure competitions motivating and exciting we set minimum enrollment quotas. If the quota is not met by the scheduled competition date, the competition may be combined with a future competition at a later date. In the event a competition is rescheduled competitors will have the following options:

1. Be 100% refunded

2. Compete with original photos for the original competition

3. Compete with updated photos for the new competition

When enrollment exceeds quoted limits preliminary rounds of judging may be added to improve judging efficiency and maintain pot size.

Photos submitted for competitions are subject to approval by SixpackCash officials. Photos may be disqualified for filtering, editing, excessive lighting tactics or enhancements deemed to create an unfair advantage. Photos may be used by SixpackCash for advertising purposes. Please email us at info@sixpackcash.com before submitting photos if you would like to be excluded from adverts.

Our cut: We keep 5-20% of entry fees to cover payment processor fees, bonuses, promotions, advertising, business development, and customer support. Cash winners always win more than their full entry cost.